Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Party goes into production!

I had the first night's shooting for my horror movie The Party tonight. It actually went pretty well. We had a few problems early on getting the lighting right and figuring out how to shoot in the car, but once that was solved I was happy. The actors I've picked are all great in their roles and hopefully I'll be able to assemble a pretty good movie once we're finished. Night two of shooting is tomorrow and as soon as I find a suitably spooky house we can knock out the rest of the movie. Watch this space!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Ghost Town

Saw Ricky Gervais' first Hollywood star vehicle for my birthday. It was pretty good. The plot was predictable but Ricky had some good moments and overall it was a feelgood movie. Kind of like Ghost meets The Sixth Sense. But funnier.
In other news I'll soon be shooting my short horror film, The Party. I had a cast rehearsal that went really well. Now I just need to find a creepy house to shoot in and an evening when I can get everyone together (scheduling conflicts suck).