Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pac Rim for the win!

I finally caught Pacific Rim tonight (I needed a little cinematic comfort food after the worst week of my entire life) and for the most part I was not disappointed. It was a spectacularly beautiful robots vs creatures fest that had the heart and soul lacking in the Transformers movies. The action was awe-inspiring and the designs of the "Jaegers" and "Kaijus" is something to behold. I liked how the action scenes were spaced out and even though they took place at night it was very easy to follow everything.
The movie is a lot of fun, even if it's a little cheesy and most of the characters are pretty one-dimensional, if likeable. I especially liked Rinko Kikuchi as the Japanese girl who co-pilots the hero Jaeger with the protagonist and Ron Perlman as a black marketeer dealing in Kaiju body parts. It all builds to a rousing finish and while it's a shame the film didn't really connect with mainstream audiences (being undeniably geeky in parts) I'm glad Guillermo del Toro got to make it.