Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tron 3, Tim Burton's Dumbo 0

Apparently Disney is desperate to add more franchises to the billion or so they already own, because they announced today that they're making Tron 3 and also that Tim Burton will be directing the Dumbo live action remake.
Tron 3 is actually semi-cool news, since I'm one of the few people who loves the first movie (or even remembers it) and the long-awaited sequel, despite having a script that was apparently written on a napkin, was a beautiful looking feature length music video. If they get Daft Punk and Olivia Wilde back for the third attempt to make Tron a thing, I'm there!
Burton directing Dumbo is much more of a WTF story, although one can hardly blame him for returning to an easy blockbuster after audiences rejected his films that he actually put his heart into (Frankenweenie and Big Eyes). Hopefully the remake will at least remove the racist crows, so there's that. Alice in Wonderland has actually grown on me slightly over the years (having kids will do that to you) so maybe it'll turn out okay, even though there are about a thousand other movies I'd rather Burton make.